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A Poem For Those That Lost A Loved One – Continuing Bonds: Poems for the Grieving Heart

A Poem For Those That Lost A Loved One - Continuing Bonds: Poems for the Grieving Heart

Continuing Bonds: Poems for the Grieving Heart

In the quiet corners of your heart, where silence softly sleeps,
In the hallowed halls of memory, where sorrow gently weeps,
There’s a light that never falters, though the night may seem so long,
It’s the love you shared, still burning bright, a resilient, radiant song.

For love transcends the boundaries, of time and space and death,
It lives in every memory, in every whispered breath.
Though their presence now is missing, their spirit freely roams,
In the laughter and the tears, in the comfort of your homes.

Look for them in sunsets, in the whisper of the trees,
In the dance of autumn leaves, in the song of summer’s breeze.
They live on in the love they left, in hearts they’ve touched and blessed,
In the stories shared, the lives they’ve shaped, their legacy expressed.

So when the night seems endless, and the path ahead unclear,
Remember the love they gave you, hold their memory near.
In the quiet corners of your heart, may you find some peace,
In the love that lives on, where their physical presence ceased.


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